In addition to taking orders from some old customers, Cai Qionghui also runs a piano tuning online shop with her sister. Among these strange network customers, Cai Qionghui often encounters some untrusted customers. At this time, Cai Qionghui confidently introduced himself to the client: "I studied tunes at a university in Beijing, tuned well, and then paid, until you are satisfied. If there is any damage to the piano, I am willing to compensate at the price... …"The piano tuned by Cai Qionghui was very clean and transparent, without any noise, and the touch was very sensitive. The customers "liked" again and again after the test.With excellent technical skills in tuning, Cai Qionghui gradually broke the stereotype that “blind people cannot tune”. In 2018 and 2019 alone, Cai Qionghui tuned and repaired more than 1500 pianos. On one occasion, Cai Qionghui spent a week helping to tune and repair 80 pianos at once in Hangzhou Science and Technology Vocational College.