Welch came to the production line as soon as he learned the actual situation. At that time, the employees of the first team were ready to take off work and return home from get off work. By the way, Welch asked a worker next to him: "How many sets of lighting equipment did you produce in this class?" The employee replied casually, "5." Welch said nothing after listening. Instead, he calmly picked up a piece of chalk and wrote a large Arabic numeral "5" on a blackboard next to it, and turned and left the factory.When the employees of the second group saw the number on the blackboard when they went to work, they asked what the first group of employees meant. The worker who was about to take over the shift replied: "It was written by the general manager Welch. He just asked us how many lighting fixtures were produced in this class. We answered that he had 5 sets and he wrote this number. Above, nothing else was said." After listening to the second shift, the employees of the second team did not ask, but had a hidden idea in their hearts.