Cai Qionghui was born in 1992 in a rural area in Fuyang District, Hangzhou. One day in October 2000, Cai Qionghui, who was eight years old, went to see a new house built by a family in the village. The handful of lime that the masons readily raised fell into Cai Qionghui's eyes. Father Cai Cai sent Cai Qionghui to Hangzhou Hospital for treatment. The doctor performed general anesthesia for Cai Qionghui. However, due to the severe burns, the cornea had been completely shed. Cai Qionghui’s right eye was completely blind. Only the left eye could Perceive extremely faint light and shadow.One night, Cai Qionghui said to her parents: "Dad, mom, I want to go to school to study!" In the fall of 2003, Cai Cai Cai sent Cai Qionghui to a school for the blind in Zhejiang Province.